Joe's Caps and Shrouds Services:

Repair & Replace:

Chimney caps prevent nesting of small animals and birds, protects chimney from moisture and provides spark protection. Chimney caps seemingly unessential do serve these important functions and prevent avoidable costly repairs for your chimney.

Most homeowners in Atlanta trust Joe's Chimney Cleaning for all their requirements regarding repairing or replacement of chimney caps and shrouds. Quality with assurance and customer satisfaction is our mantra. Get in touch to get unparalleled service in timely manner.


Damper closes off the fireplace from inflow and outflow of hot or cold air in or out of the home. When the chimney is not in use it remains fully closed. If your damper is broken, you can either get it repaired or replaced it with new technologically advanced energy efficient model.

Joe's Chimney Cleaning are certified in damper installation. We can advise and guide you on the most economical and efficient model for your home or business.

Chase Covers:

Chase covers are mostly made of galvanised steel, stainless steel or copper. They cover the entire top of your chimney housing and protect the chimney flue. Most of them gets rusted and need replacement.

Most owners in Atlanta trust Joe's Chimney Cleaning to replace their chase covers. As with other chimney problems, it is better to catch this problem earlier as it will be cost-effective and help prevent avoidable safety issues.

Custom Make:

At Joe's Chimney Cleaning we can make stylish and aesthetically pleasing caps, shrouds or cover for your chimney. These custom metal tops are available in various colours. They are extra-strong to tackle the water problem as well as nesting of birds or animals. Additionally they are durable and economical.

Need a makeover for your chimney top? Call us now at
(678) 567-6037 to know all the options available according to your requirements. We would be pleased to serve you.

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